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A Night of One Acts at DCHS

DCHS drama department presentations set for Feb. 25-26

Vincent Marshall

Managing Editor

The students are taking over the Dodge City High School Drama Department as they present A Night of One Acts starting Monday, Feb. 25 and Tuesday Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. at the DCHS auditorium.

Tickets will be $5 for adults and $3 for students.

According to DCHS drama and forensics teacher Johnny Dunlap, the plays will be directed by a senior student and will also feature performances by the forensics team, in between the two plays.

More than 20 students will be participating through the entirety of the performances.

First up will be the play, May I Have Your Attention, Please? by Catherine Rhoden-Gouen.

The play will be directed by Lizette O. Moreno.

“In this play, ‘The Borthwick family gathers in the living room after being asked to convene there by the selfappointed black sheep of the family, Chris,” Dunlap said from Pioneer Drama Service.


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‘He, however, has not shown up, and the family is none-too-eager to take time away from busy schedules.

‘Chris finally arrives via video and speaks to them from the television screen. We begin to see his perspective on how each family member has treated him, gaining an understanding of how poor communication and the family’s misguided intentions have led Chris to feel like an outsider.

‘By the end of the recording, the family finally realizes how Chris has cried out for their attention, but due to his class clown nature, they cannot be sure if what he does next is another one of his jokes or is in fact real.’” Directing the second play of the two nights will be Jana Garcia who will direct I Don’t Mind that You’re Ugly by Bobby Keniston.

“In this play, ‘Clyde is waiting at The Only Fancy Restaurant in Town, anxious to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, Kira,’” Dunlap said from Brooklyn Publishers. “‘There is only one problem: Clyde is a very average-looking guy.

‘When Kira arrives, looking stunning, Clyde’s night is thrown into a whirlwind when everyone in the restaurant wants to gawk at his bride-to-be. When Kira accidentally makes the comment, I don’t mind that you’re ugly, to Clyde, the night really takes off in an unexpected direction.’” The DCHS drama department has done performances similar in the past but this time they are directed by the students.

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